Dapper Dachshunds

A collection of unique pixel art dachshunds, part of the first generation of NFTs on Radix. Created with care and love for the community to enjoy 🐶 These dapper little friends wear awesome outfits and cute accessories to make sure they always have a unique look. They're waiting for a new home.

Buying has been disabled as we prepare for Babylon and a move to one of the NFT marketplaces. Hold onto your placeholder tokens with which you can mint Dachshunds.


Dachshunds reserved

Frequently asked questions

What will a Dachshund cost?


The current price of a Dapper Dachshund is 35 XRD.

How many Dachshunds are there?


Currently, the planned amount is 10,000 unique Dachshunds. The final amount might be lower, depending on several factors.

How can I buy Dapper Dachshunds?


Currently, it's not possible to buy additional Dachshunds as we prepare for Babylon. Once we've moved to one of the post-Babylon NFT marketplaces, you should be able to buy additional Dachshunds or exchange your DACHS tokens for them.

What are DACHS tokens for?


You will be able to mint NFTs with DACHS tokens.